Maze Maker

This is one of my first few attempts at HTML, and my first CGI script to use graphics and forms. I just wanted something I could create fairly fast, and that would do at least a little something... After all, this was done on my spare time, and I have relatively little of that...

Rather then try to come up with something from scratch, I decided to convert an existing program. Many years ago I wrote a maze program, and decided to use that as a starting point. So, a few of hours later, plus with the help of the gd graphics library, I had a working maze program that produced .GIF images suitable for the WWW. A little bit later, I had a simple form interface to let anyone adjust some the the parameters...

Ok, so the mazes it generates probably aren't the greatest... I started this project mainly to help get comfortable with HTML and CGI. So, for that alone it was worth it. However, if you do find this useful and/or have any recommendations or comments, then please send me a note.

Note: My original program allowed for a 3D walk-though of the computer generated maze. After some thought, I have come up with a way to rewrite that portion of the program to the WWW. However, right now I am not planning on doing that, because it wouldn't be as quick to do as the current maze maker... but if some people would find it of interest I might take the time.

If you want to generate a different maze with the same specifications... with most browsers, you can simply reload the page and you will get a different maze. If that doesn't work, your browser is broken and you might have to clear the cache.

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